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Below is a selection of articles contemplating the Infinite Way teachings

11/ 13/ 2018

 "Supply is the word of God. The way to receive Supply is to open ourselves to the  the word of God. God’s Grace falls on the just and the unjust. There is no such thing as deserving supply. God’s grace is never withheld from anyone because of their sins, nor is it given to anyone because of their virtues. All of this a part of human superstition. God’s grace is without favor, dependent on only one thing - and that is realizing that God’s grace is spiritual and that it is omnipresent. Our only activity is receptivity and realizing it is an activity of our own consciousness; therefore, the reason for lack and limitation is the failure to keep your consciousness active, alert, alive and receptive.

"God’s grace is not dependent on something we do or do not do; God’s grace is dependent on what we are - the offspring of God. That is the only qualification for receiving God’s good. God’s grace is dependent on our relationship with God and that relationship is oneness. 'I and my Father are one' whether I am a saint or a sinner.  This is the secret of the spiritual life; regardless of what you humanly are or may have been, in that moment when you open your consciousness the nature of the divine - though your sins are scarlet, you are white as snow, and it doesn’t make any difference, for awhile, if those sins continue to persist, because the persistency of human habit makes them continue in effect even after they are dead - like the chicken hops around after its head has been cut off. So, sometimes do our sins persist for awhile, our human traits, but pay no attention to that; ignore that. Only one thing matters; from the moment that your consciousness is open to receive an inner grace, from that moment on your sins begin to be dissolved and you commence to live under grace.

"Once we come to the realization that having dropped all thought of my good humanhood and my bad humanhood and having come to the center of my being in which I realize God as my life, as my soul, and then only am I realizing that neither the goodness or badness of my human life means nothing; they both have to be overcome in order that we can ultimately say, 'Why callest thou me good?'"

Joel Goldsmith - Tape 7, 1963 Kailua Private Class

11/ 20/ 2018             JUDGING                           

Awareness does not judge. Awareness is just aware. Awareness does not say this is good and that is bad. Awareness is just aware. Awareness does not say I like this and I don’t like that. Awareness is simply aware. Awareness doesn’t desire this or attempt to rid itself of that. Awareness is simply being aware. All the while, Awareness, itself goes right on with the business of being effortlessly aware. Isn’t this true? Ask yourself: Isn’t the Awareness-I-Am being aware, even this instant? Yes! Is it making judgments? Is it calling something good or something else bad? Is it desiring, hungering, lusting after certain things, eschewing, abhoring, changing others? No! Awareness is beholding, only! Right NOW it reads these words.  Simple, unjudging, effortless Awareness is being this Identity you are and I am. Awareness only is the Identity we consciously bring ourselves back to and consciously identify ourselves as - as! Awareness is Life! Anything more that this simple, beholding Consciousness itself is the false ego a-building. Anything that would look upon the objects of perception and call them good or bad is the old personality whose part we have been playing like a role on the stage but who is not, and never has been, our real Identity.  The "old man" is the one who plays at judgment making, making his own hell thereby; but that is not the real Identity of you and me. That’s the one to cease Identifying ourselves as. How do we do this? In the easiest way imaginable; by being this already-Identity as unjudging Beholding; by making no more judgments.  What is our personal responsibility in this matter?  God is the one who is being all that is. God’s Awareness of all is this Consciousness - "I-am, therefore, God has the “responsibility” to be This that I am and to sustain me. There is no demand upon me to do a thing. (This doesn’t mean that I don’t appear to do things!) There is no need on my part to worry, fret, fume, fuss or fear. There is only to go about the Father’s business of being the Father’s business - Awareness, witness of Infinity. This is my very own Identity! ! ! ! ! !   

'A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity' Wm Samuel (1989)        


11/28/2018                          HEALING                             

" …healing is not the fruitage of words, but comes when the Word is heard".

 p 80 - "Awaking Mystical Consciousness" 

"Healing is not something you are going to do - healing is the realization of the  perfection now - the 'feel of the Christ within you'".     

p 136 - "Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture"

"This is our great lesson: God is the infinite divine consciousness, the consciousness of which this universe is formed, and God has given Himself to us so that the life and consciousness of God may be ours. The whole immortal life of God is ours; the whole divine consciousness of God is ours - all this divine Consciousness".

p 61 - "Living Now"

"...healing is accomplished entirely through silence. Treatments, oral  explanations, and the written word are merely little ladders which we use to climb up to the point of silence. Sometimes they are necessary; more often they are not".

p 10 - "The World is New"

"Spiritual healing is the touch of the Spirit of God in man’s Soul; and when that touches him, it awakens him to a new dimension of life, a spiritual dimension: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” - not that the Spirit of the Lord acts as an electrical application or as surgery, but because the Spirit of the Lord lifts the seeker into a new consciousness of life, the state of consciousness which the Master described as 'My Kingdom' which is not of this world".

p 13 - "The Art of Spiritual Healing"

 "… all healing is the result of individual consciousness, yours and mine. It is not dependent on God; it is not dependent on God-consciousness or Christ consciousness in the abstract, but upon individual consciousness lifted to the heights of Christ-consciousness, which is the God-power that makes it possible to do the works of God".

p 82 - "The Art of Spiritual Healing"

"You are Spirit-Life Eternal.You do not need healing".

p 80 - The Letters, Joel S Goldsmith

12/10/ 2018                   CHRIST       

“Christ is our incorporeal existence.”  p. 58 "The Letters"

“The Christ is a spiritual power which reveals…" p. 131 "A Parenthesis In Eternity"

“Christ is that state of consciousness which is man’s Teacher. 'All shall be taught if Me.' This consciousness individualized in any age or nation will attract to it those humans to whom the urge has come to seek something higher than personal selfhood; seeking a higher good than matter or intellect can provide.”

p. 9 "The Real Teacher and the Seven Steps"

“Christ is a presence and power beyond your human ability to realize. It can be discerned only through your developed spiritual sense, for it takes something far greater than the brain or intellect to perceive the Christ. It takes spiritual awareness, spiritual alertness, and that comes in proportion as the world means less and less to you. The coming of the Christ makes this world, the world of concept, an unreality. It decreases dependence on anything in the realm of things or thoughts."

p. 170 "Consciousness Unfolding"

"The Christ does not come down from its high estate to serve or cater to mortals. The Christ is the Light of the World, and those desirous of its blessings and benefits must leave the husks of material living - must forsake sense satisfaction - even human rights and other forms of human good - and follow Me. There is no place where the human and spiritual blend.”

p. 208 "Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture"

"The Christ is real. The moment it touches you, you know it.” 

Joel S. Goldsmith

12/16/2018           The Christ

The Christ is our individual consciousness when that consciousness has been released from its fear, hate or love of error.   

p. 62 'The Master Speaks'         

Christ consciousness is a state of consciousness in which any form, as such, becomes unimportant; in which no attempt is made to get, acquire, or achieve any form, but in which is recognized the truth that whatever and wherever the need is, the answer appears.

p. 218 'The Master Speaks'       

Christ-consciousness does not resist error; it does not recognize error as a power

p.196 'Conscious Union with God'         

The practitioner that entertains the belief that there is a thought or condition in the patient to be overcome or healed is not practicing Christ healing. Christ healing is: “What hinders you? Rise, take up your bed and walk.” In other words there is no power to stop the harmony of your being from being manifest.         

The Christ is very real. The moment it touches you, you are aware of It. It can come as it has to many in one blinding flash, or it can come as it did to John, as a gradual unfoldment of the Christ in consciousness, a gradual unfolding of thought and of the light of truth, made manifest as spiritual vision or spiritual apprehension.

p 179 'Consciousness Unfolding'   

The Christ is not something outside of us that has to be sought. The Christ is something already within us, waiting to catch our attention.

p. 40 'Awakening Mystical Consciousness'

Make way for the realization of the Christ, that Presence and Power which is eternally where you are, awaiting only your invitation - and invitation that is expressed as Silence, Expectancy, Receptivity.

p. 221 'Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture' 

When the Christ that dwelleth in us has been raised up, there is no need take thought for our life because this son of God raised up in us goes before us to perform every function of our existence.

p. 40 'Awakening Consciousness'            


12/28/2018           Impersonalization

Luella Overeem: "Joel Goldsmith tells on one of his tapes about a man that was rowing a boat when his boat was bumped from behind by another boat. The man’s first reaction was anger and indignation that anyone would be so stupid and careless as to run into him. Then he turned around and saw that the boat that had bumped into him was empty; no one was in the boat, it was just an empty boat being carried by chance waves or currents. His anger left - you can’t be angry at a boat! Evil appears as persons or as conditions, and so the false belief is that the person or the condition is evil. There is no one in the boat! There is no person in the appearance of evil. Evil is not the person. Evil is a false belief about the real Individual This false belief exists only as an image in the mind - in universal, impersonal carnal mind which is not mind, but is a belief in two powers.

"There is no one in the visible form called man, just as there is no one in a snapshot of someone. The picture is only a picture, even when it is a moving picture. What appears as people being evil or being good, are animated concepts, animated cartoons of Reality, presented by the carnal mind. God is individual being, and God animates individual being. There is only God-life and God-activity governing us, and there is no evil in us - no sin, disease, nor death. The good that is manifested as man is God expressing, and the appearance of evil is nothing and no power. Impersonalization is the conscious separation of the boat from the person who is directing the boat. It is separating the appearance from what is actually present, and not judging the individual by appearances, but by the truth. To impersonalize, you have to know the nature of God as individual being, and you have to know the nature of appearances. Then you are able to see aright. Man, of himself, cannot be good or evil, so it is a waste of time to desire good from him instead of evil. The change has to take place within your own consciousness, in the way you are seeing, not in that which you see.”

1/12/ 2019      Spiritual Fruitage   

“Whatever good is to appear in your outer experience must first be experienced within. There can be no change in the outer experience without an inner spiritual experience. There could be some healings of a mental, moral, physical, or financial nature due to the consciousness of a teacher, but that would not really be your demonstration. A teacher is only a help on the way. The real demonstration comes with your own experience and in the beginning that experience can be difficult, sometimes even painful, because it means the surrender of many preconceived beliefs, opinions, and theories. Conditioned as you and I have been for so long it is not easy to give up our cherished beliefs and to strip ourselves of them.

Therein lies the difficulty. Students can accept the new, but they cannot  surrender the old; and thereby they set up a warfare within themselves. A warfare between the flesh and the Spirit, which really means a warfare between truth and ignorance. Ignorance is the barrier to the spiritual life, and what a person has accepted in mind, in thought, or in belief constitutes the barrier. So before anything else, the light of truth must have the opportunity of expelling the darkness, the ignorance he has held in his mind. One of the most difficult places in your spiritual journey is to come to a realization that God is Spirit..." 

"Seek Ye First", Joel Goldsmith (p. 125-126)

 What is Truth?  

"No contact need be made with some principle of God, for you are this Principle, this Mind, and the realization of this truth starts the entire God-being flowing consciously  as you. Life appears as you. Soul reveals itself as you. This truth is the truth of individual being - of you and me"

Joel Goldsmith

“The way to fill the mind with TRUTH is to let it start pouring in. The lack of knowing the Truth is not an entity, not a thing, not a power, not a real condition that can keep out truth. Unawareness of Truth can no more keep out Truth, than darkness can keep out the light. When the Truth becomes real to us. the absence of Truth in all its forms is dispelled - the forms we call sin, disease, death, or lack. The nature of these is the nature of darkness; nothing but the absence of Reality realized.”       

Luella Overeem

“This state of grace, the I AM THAT I AM, knows no problems - no sickness, no sin, no lack, no death - and it is because of this very fact that we are assured that divine grace is our sufficiency in all things. My whole life experience has hinged upon this TRUTH, that the grace of God, which is embodied in the word I, is all that I ever need throughout eternity.”     

Virginia Stephenson

 “Sometimes when I am having class, I come to the point where I am just filled with the joy of all that has overwhelmed me, because in a class, necessarily, I am keeping myself as much as I can in the Spirit and the result in me is that I get intoxicated. This afternoon I am slightly intoxicated, and I do not know just what to tell you because I cannot put this feeling into words; I wish I could. It is a feeling of just joy with the isness and the totality of this spirit that can embrace you when you allow yourself to enter into it.”     

Eileen Bowden

“Love is the key to the Mystery: Love is the astrolabe of Life. Love as love is, remains unperceived until one puts aside personal sense of self, until he lays down the life of the pseudo-identity and lets go the actor who believes himself to be Great Judge and opinion-holder. What joy is known when we awaken to perceive that Love is our Identity! This self I am is Love itself. Love is being all there is to “me.” Love is being this Consciousness here and now!”      

Wm. Samuel

“God’s will for you is to behold His grace appearing as your life.”    

Robert Pilato  

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