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Week 1 – Meditation

Go into the inner sanctuary of your being and be quiet.If you dwell in ME, and if you let ME dwell in you, if you live in the recognition that in the midst of you am your true identity, your eternal life, will draw unto you whatever is necessary for your harmonious unfoldment, be it person, place, or thing.

“A Parenthesis In Eternity” Joel S Goldsmith (1963), Harper One, p. 95

Week 1 – Audio

Week 2 – Meditation

You govern your surroundings by the nature of what is taking place in your consciousness.

“The Foundation of Mysticism” Joel S. Goldsmith (2013) Devors and Company, p. 31

Week 2 – Audio

Week 3 – Meditation

Nothing can happen in your experience except through your consciousness.

“Consciousness Transformed” Joel S. Goldsmith (1998) Acropolis, from: August 11 1963, ‘Lessons On Grace’

Week 3 – Audio

Week 4 – Meditation

Error is not power in the presence of illumined consciousness.

“Consciousness Transformed” Joel S. Goldsmith (1998) Acropolis, from: August 17 1963, ‘It is : Nullifying The Carnal Mind’

Week 4 – Audio

Week 5 – Meditation

Every Infinite Way student should have this as his goal, to accept the responsibility to die daily to material sense and be reborn of spiritual consciousness – and that means to bless the world that comes into your consciousness.
“Consciousness Transformed” Joel S. Goldsmith (1998) Acropolis, from: September 14 1963, ‘There Is Only One God Consciousness’

 Week 5 – Audio

Week 6 – Meditation

Consciousness is your real identity and the consciousness that you are right now has your life, your health, your success, your protection, your everything within you. Europe Ooh La Luxe Getaway
“Consciousness Transformed” Joel S. Goldsmith (1998) Acropolis, from: September 21 1963, ‘The Adjustment Must Be Made Within Your Consciousness – A Lesson In Secrecy’

Week 6 – Audio

Week 7 – Meditation

Whatever is true will reveal itself to you from within your own being if you will just open your Consciousness to it.
“Love Gratitude” Joel S. Goldsmith (1953) DeVorss & Co., pp. 64-65
Week 7 – Audio

Week 8 – Meditation

The act of meditation is solely for the purpose of quieting us into a state of peace and serenity, in which we become receptive to the Word … unfolding and revealing Itself in and as our consciousness. Also visit : Zoom Property
“The Importance Of Meditation” Joel S. Goldsmith (January, 1955) Infinite Way Letters 
 Week 8 – Audio

Week 9 – Meditation
Rest in the deep, clear well of contentment within you. Peace already IS.
“The Wisdoms” in ‘The Infinite Way’ Joel S. Goldsmith (1947)

                     Week 9 – Audio

Week 10 – Meditation

Consciousness lives Itself. You do not live it.
“The Wisdoms” in ‘The Infinite Way’ Joel S. Goldsmith (1947)
Week 10 – Audio

 Week 11 – Meditation

Can there be any power in anything that is not of the nature of love?“The Art Of Spiritual Healing” Joel S. Goldsmith, Ch. 3
Week 11 – Audio

Week 12 – Meditation
I and my Consciousness are one. I look in no other direction than to the Infinite Invisible. Then what appears from within I share.
“The Thunder Of Silence” Joel S. Goldsmith, Ch. 1

Week 12 – Audio

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