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‘The Thunder Of Silence’ Unofficial Study Guide – Chapters 8-11

Chapter Eight
1. Q: How can I stop thinking about and believing in good and evil?
A: The secret is in the attainment of the unconditioned mind through which the Soul functions as life and experience.
2. • The body reflects whatever we accept in our mind.
• It is the mind which becomes the avenue through which the body takes on the beliefs of the world.
3. • Who said conditions are good or evil?
• In reality, good and discord are just a belief.
4. All human conditions of whatever nature exist only as a belief in the human mind.
5. When you feel Consciousness stirring within you, you can be assured that whatever appearance of lack or limitation before you will melt away.
6. We do not attempt to improve or correct the human picture.
7. The one who lives by Grace is he who has given up the belief in two powers.
8. There is no discord and no purity; there is just Consciousness.
9. Consciousness forms this universe out of Itself.
10. • We look right through the eyes until we see way back of them to where the Light of Consciousness sits enthroned.
• In that state of consciousness, the Light takes over, flooding consciousness with tranquility and peace.
• And then harmony becomes apparent and tangible in experience.
11. • In The Infinite Way, we do not make suggestions and there is no mental contemplation of the appearance.
• Harmony is not restored by thinking thoughts about a situation, but by entering into a state of Silence which does not recognise duality. Therein lies a contentedness with being. flyttfirma

Chapter Nine
1. We are living in a spiritual universe.
2. Everything that appears in our awareness is a mental image, a shadow. Don’t be tempted to think of it as a reality.
3. The body is real but what we see as a body is a mental image within our own thought.
4. Q: What is present where ‘I AM’?
A: Integrity, loyalty, fidelity, eternality, immortality, justice, freedom, joy, harmony.
5. Only our mental images occupy time and space.
6. •We let the thoughts come and go while we sit and watch as beholders.
• All we are looking at are shadows, pictures, that flit across the screen.
• There is no power, substance, law or cause in them – they are just shadows.
7. When we no longer have an image in mind, it is no longer possible to have a picture of it.
8. We must learn not to be afraid of unpleasant pictures because they have no existence as externalised reality, but only as a mental image.
9. “Whatever your name or nature, if you exist in time or space, you are a mental image, a nothingness. I do not have to fear you because you have no existence in my or anyone’s being. You have existence only in mind, and as a mind-existence, you are without form and void. You have no more good or evil in you than the picture in the moving-picture screen – you are just a substanceless shadow”. 
10. When we achieve quietness and peace, the mind is no longer functioning, we have transcended mind and risen to the atmosphere of Being.

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Chapter Ten
1. Spiritual welfare is in no way related to the rigid observance of any forms, but has to do with the state of consciousness developed by the individual.
2. People in grosser states of consciousness do not feel the repercussions of karmic law as quickly as those on the spiritual path.
3. When we accept the principle that there is neither good or evil in an appearance or condition, then the goal becomes the attainment of the conscious awareness of our true Self.
4. Connecting with the divine faculties within us, we are living through the Soul rather than through the body and mind.

Chapter Eleven
1. We can know how close we are to living by Grace by observing to what degree we react to appearances.
2. • True demonstration is living in the state of Pure Consciousness.
• The struggle is with the personal sense of ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘mine’.
• In such a state of consciousness, our good on the human plane would be the reflex action of our giving and sharing.
4. We cannot live according to a human standard of life and at the same time reap the fruitage of the spiritual life.
5. Consciousness goes out invisibly into this world and draws to us everything and everybody necessary for our experience, and we find ourselves drawn to the place where we should be at the right time, receiving that which we should have.

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