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‘The Thunder Of Silence’ Unofficial Study Guide – Chapters 4-7

Chapter Four

1. “That which is formed of Consciousness is never born: it is merely an emanation of Consciousness, which not only has no beginning but has no ending because as long as there is Consciousness, there is Consciousness ‘formed’ “.
2. The sin that crept into Eden was the acceptance of two powers and the belief in a dual universe.
3. Only in the realm of being are we outside of thoughts where IS is.
4. Mental creation is not a creation of Consciousness, but a creation of the false, carnal mind.
5. The entire sense-world, made up of that which we see, hear, taste, touch and smell, has no existence whatsoever except as a creation of this carnal mind, which by its very nature is unreal and has nothing to support it except thoughts.
6. • We do not have the capacity to think the thoughts of Consciousness.
• But when the mind, in rising above thought, has been transcended and Silence supercedes, Consciousness can utter It’s Word through us.
7. • It is only the belief in two powers that traps us into vacillating between pairs of opposites.
• Abiding in our inner being, realising that there is only one power frees us and brings us peace.
8. • Our mind is restless only when we are thinking about things or persons, either in terms of good or evil, but the mind is at rest when we surrender all such concepts.
• Then I am back at the centre of my being where all power is.
9. • It is only when we do not desire wealth or harmony any more than lack or discord, but seek only the original and primary Consciousness that we rise above these opposites into eternal life.
• This state of consciousness is a contentedness with being.
10. There is only one universe and that is the real universe; there is only one you and that is the real you. Daily Draw Sweepstakes: Win $500 Every Weeknight!

Chapter Five
1. Man has been divided into three states of consciousness – the material, mental and spiritual.
2. The mind is an instrument for something higher than itself, and that something is the one Self.
3. • The external appearance is always mind-formed.
• As we sow mentally, so shall we reap materially.
4. • Mind is the essence and substance of which matter is formed, and it appears to us as form or effect.
• Mind is the principle, the life and the law, of  all material and mental form.
• Mind is the basic substance, but matter is the name given to mind when it takes form.
5. • When Soul becomes the activity of the mind and appears as form, then all form is spiritual and can be multiplied.
• When we rise above the level of mind and thought to the Silence, that is when ‘I’ becomes the activity and substance appearing as matter or form.
6. Once the mind becomes permeated with truth, truth becomes the substance and essence of all form, and then the form can be multiplied, but it can only be multiplied because it is not matter.
7. • The creations of Consciousness present themselves to our human sense as physical material and limited. This is because our mind interprets only what we can become aware of through our senses.
• We do not behold what ‘is’: we behold the interpretation of our mind.
8. In the human scene, the mind creates duality.In the spiritual scene, the mind is not a creative faculty, but an avenue of awareness.
9. “The whole secret lies in making the transition from a thinking, plotting, planning, scheming mind to a mind at rest in a state of awareness, through which divine ideas can flow”.

Chapter Six

1. There is no such thing as carnal mind, because there is but one mind and it is unconditioned.
2. That which we call carnal mind is merely a ‘belief’ in two powers.
3. As we abide in the Word and let the Word abide in us, life is lived without effort and without taking thought.

Chapter Seven
1. No-one can free himself from the belief in two powers until he is willing to relinquish his human judgements and look out upon the world with an unconditioned mind.
2. When a person begins to realise that alcohol/tobacco has power neither for good nor evil, he loses all taste for it.

3. Whatever the appearance, it is merely a form of some sort, nothing but a blank until you imbue it with qualities.

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