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‘The Thunder Of Silence’ Unofficial Study Guide – Chapters 12-15

Chapter Twelve
1. There is no way for Grace to descend upon us if we are indulging the human way of life.
2. If we are willing to lean back on that ‘nothingness’, the Soul rushes in, appearing in whatever form may be necessary.
3. The moment we perceive that there is no power in effect, we lose our fear of it.
4. Nothing is power, and nobody is power: Consciousness alone is a creative, maintaining and sustaining power which operates without any help from us.
5. Consciousness is power and we are the instruments through which it flows.
6. Exercise: Our response to a problem must be, “Look, here it is in my mind. I’m looking at it. It is a shadow and cannot be power, so I do not need a power to destroy it or remove it”.
7. Discordant pictures are just mental images in thought, shadows on a screen. They have no more power and substance than images on a moving picture screen.
8. The mental images of life are all taking place inside – not outside – our mind.
9. Exercise: Remember, “These are mental images in thought. They are projected states of thought out of the vast mental illusion”. Then by abiding in an inner peace, they are dissolved.
10. A problem can exist only in the mind. But if we make our mind a vacuum where would our problem be? 
11. If we can be perfectly quiet and still within attempt to remove or escape from any situation, then the flow of Consciousness will rush in and there will be freedom.

Chapter Thirteen
1. Prayer is a secret and sacred experience, taking place within our own consciousness.
2. The spiritual fast is an inward communing with Consciousness while abstaining from words or thoughts. Customer Product Review Sweepstakes: Win a $1,000 Gift Card

Chapter Fourteen
1. Relying wholly on words and thoughts allows no opportunity for Consciousness to break through into expression because thought, spoken or written, is merely an effect.
2. There is no connecting link to Consciousness until there is a conscious awareness of It’s presence.
3. We wait in Silence, completely empty as Consciousness fills us, fulfills Itself and it’s plan in us.
4. The Inner World received in our consciousness is the healing agency – quick, sharp and powerful.
5. When that inflow comes, which is really an inflow coming to our outer senses from Consciousness within, harmony is established, and healing takes place, whether for ourselves or for others.
6. We sit in complete quiet in the thundering Silence and keep our mind stayed within until we feel the inner peace.
7. Our prayer must be a listening attitude within.

Chapter Fifteen

1. As long as any malice, envy, jealousy, revenge, or hatred is entertained in consciousness, this is a block to experiencing harmony ourselves.
2. Our aim is to lose all sense of separation.
3. In our inner communion with Consciousness, we find ourselves in inner communion with man.
4. Exercise: Open your eyes and see with spiritual vision.
5. When the state of consciousness that could be guilty of resentment, anger, jealousy, malice ‘dies’, there is not only nothing to forgive, and nobody to forgive, there is not even a remembrance or a memory.
6. When we no longer have any desire for person, place, circumstance or condition, we are rebirthed in the new state of Consciousness that realises our Self-Completeness.
7. Desires separate us from the realisation that that which we are seeking we already are.
8. Exercise: “I offer myself as an empty instrument”.

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