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‘The Art Of Spiritual Healing’ Unofficial Study Guide

Thoughts on “The Art Of Spiritual Healing”
This post is intended as a study guide, an aid offering points for contemplation as you read through Joel’s work.
As we read through each chapter of this book it maybe helpful to consider:

1. What is the main message of this chapter? 
2. What are the spiritual principles Joel is pointing to?
3. How does this chapter speak to me?
Suggested keys to “The Art Of Spiritual Healing”:
1. The need to live consciously and continuously in the realization of Presence.
2. Living without an awareness of Presence, we are living in the delusory mind of this world.

3. By keeping an awareness of Spirit alive in Consciousness, you are practising the principles of spiritual living. This is how to restore the “lost years of the locusts”.

Each section of this guide is not intended to replace a full reading of the original work of Joel Goldsmith. It is simply intended as pointers for contemplation.


1. Each one is a beam in the whole Light.
1. Be willing to be an instrument through which Truth reveals Itself.
2. Be receptive and responsive to the divine Impulse from within, that Truth may use you to reveal It’s glory.
1. Disease is man-created, and only through man’s developed spiritual consciousness will be eradicated.
2. Because of the all-loving nature of Spirit, disease must be outside the creative, maintaining and sustaining power, which means that it is without cause, without foundation, law, substance, or action.
3. You can bring yourself under the reign or government of that power, but you cannot use it.
4. Can there be any power in anything that is not of the nature of love?
5. There can be no power to oppose Consciousness. There is nothing negative in Its nature.
6. Thou couldest have no power over me unless it came from the Creative Principle of the universe. I am resting in One Power.
7. Exercise: Wait in quietness and in peace until an inner assurance comes…. There are no powers besides Me, nothing for you to fear.
8. There is nothing with which to contend, nothing to heal or reform or supply or overcome.
9. In moments of illumination, you look out on the world and behold world appearances dissolving as darkness dissolves before the light.

1. Consciousness is manifest ‘as’ individual being. Therefore there is no Consciousness ‘and’ you.
2. Exercise: Train yourself to see people, not as they look, but to see through their eyes, back of their eyes, realizing that there sits the Light.
3. By never dwelling in the past or future, you live in the consciousness of is.
4. Behind thought there must be a thinker and that thinker is not a person. The thinker is the Soul of man.
5. The mind is an instrument of awareness.
6. You can know the truth with the mind, but you do not create things with the mind.
7. You will merely sit there, knowing that your mind is an avenue of receptivity. You will maintain a listening attitude.
8. Exercise: Instead of worrying about a problem, form the habit of listening with your mind, using it as an instrument of awareness.
9. Be a witness to the Spirit motivating, animating and permeating both the mind and body.
10. It is not the activity of your mind that frees anybody; it is the activity of truth in your mind that frees him.
11. The mind is a vehicle through which you become aware of Truth, and that Truth will govern every organ and function of the body.
12. Consciousness is not in your body. Your body is in your Consciousness.
13. Matter is mind appearing, mind made visible as matter.
14. The world is not an illusion: It is the concept we entertain of it that is the illusion.
15. Spiritual healing is based on the premise that sin, disease, and death have no externalized reality: They exist only as illusory beliefs or concepts.
16. Reality pertains only to that which is discerned through an inner awareness.
17. In filling yourself with the Spirit, you will find that spiritual law will operate in your experience.
18. Through illumined consciousness you come to see that it does not exist as disease, but that it exists only as a mirage, or illusion.

1. The cause is never personal. The cause is a universal hypnotism.
2. The sins and diseases, lacks and limitations, do not exist as actual conditions or states of being but as illusory pictures or concepts in mind. 
3. What you are dealing with is always illusion and knowing that it is an illusion should dissolve it, and will, if there is real conviction in your knowing.
4. It is a universal mesmerism in human consciousness, a universal belief in a selfhood apart from Consciousness which is hypnotic in effect.
5. The moment hypnotism is destroyed, the image is also destroyed.
6. You become a beholder as reality begins to appear.
7. When the human mind is not functioning there is no more hypnotism.

1. I embrace my universe within my Consciousness, a universe formed of and by that Consciousness.

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