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‘The Art Of Meditation’ Study Guide – Chapters 6-10


1. The Truth, the great Light that heals, multiples, supports, maintains and sustains is within you.
2. All that you are seeking is embodied within you. You are self-complete in Consciousness.

Chapter Six
1. Out of the void and darkness, out of the stillness of our Consciousness, Life moves to create for us our world of form.
2. The Soul of this Universe is sending Itself forth into individual expression as you and as me.

Chapter Seven
1. We are not separate and apart from Consciousness, we are the very essence of Consciousness, the very Selfhood of Consciousness, unfolded, revealed, and brought into active expression as individual being.
2. Peace is embodied in the Soul of man: it is never dependent upon any external condition; it exists eternally in the midst of us. Our mistake has been in seeking peace from each other, in believing that others had the power to give or to withhold peace, or in relying upon others for our harmony. It is this reliance on people and outer circumstances that has been our failure.
3. We have no mind apart from Consciousness. We only believe we do.
4. Infinite Being appears outwardly as your being and mine.
5. All creation is Love, Itself, freely flowing.
6. All that is, is in and of Consciousness.
7. Above all things we must not judge after the testimony of the eyes or the ears.
8. We become beholders of Consciousness as we relinquish those judgements that come to us by the seeing of the eye and the hearing of the ear.

Chapter Eight
1. Consciousness is the creator of all that is.
2. Consciousness is the life and substance of all form, the creative principle of all that is.
3. Consciousness is the activity governing the functions and organs of the body.
4. If we take our eyes away from the form long enough to look behind it into the Invisible and see Consciousness as the principle of all life, we shall understand the difference between material living and spiritual living.
5. Exercise: Who am I? What am I? Where am I?
6. My being is not dependent on my body: my body is dependent on my being.

Chapter Nine
1. The ‘I’ within us is multiplying out of the unseen resources of Spirit – not taking anything from anyone, not dividing that which is already in the world, and not drawing upon the visible resources of the earth.
2. • We experience lack or we are supplied according to our state of consciousness.• Whatever is to appear in our life must appear as the result of the activity of truth in our consciousness.
3. The invisible Soul of me is the substance of all form.
4. There is an invisible law operating as a law if multiplication and as a law if attraction.
5. All good flows out from the centre of my being supplying my every need.

Chapter Ten
1. Consciousness is the real mind of our being.

2. In the stillness, as we touch the vision of our Oneness, Consciousness pours It’s infinite good through us.

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