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‘The Art Of Meditation’ Study Guide – Chapters 11-15

Chapter Eleven
1. The prevalent belief is that there are many minds with diverse interests: that we can get something from somebody, or that somebody may take something from us.
2. In The Infinite Way we understand that we are not beings separate and apart from each other, but One in Consciousness.
3. The one infinite Intelligence, acting through me, communicates with the one infinite Intelligence acting through you.
4. Our conduct towards others must be: love thy neighbours as thyself; love your enemies;forgive seventy-times seven;pray for them which despitefully use you.
5. • There is only One – only one infinite Being.• We can never fear a person if we remember that Consciousness is one.• In that Oneness, there can be no discord, in harmony, or injustice to anyone.
6. Home is the expression of the consciousness of the individuals comprising the household. It takes in the atmosphere of the Consciousness of those who make it.

Chapter Twelve
1. Immortality is the realization of our true identity as Consciousness, an identity without beginning and without end, eternal and everlasting.
2. Each, in his own time, will leave this plane of Consciousness. Those with a right understanding of the nature of Consciousness will make the transition without struggle, pain or infirmity.
3. There is no difference between the flow of Consciousness this minute or a hundred years from now.
4. Life never ages or ends.
5. Fingernails and hair are cut off and grow again; the skin sloughs off; the cells in the body are constantly changing; and yet despite these changes, the consciousness which is our true identity remains.
6. We have identified the body as ourselves, but Consciousness is who I am.
7. All those who existed in the beginning exist now, and those who exist now will exist forever.
8. • Within me is the life force which is functioning from the within to the without.• I do not have a life force; I am the life force.• Nothing can ever stop the being that I am because I exist independently of what the world calls matter.
9. • The invisible activity of Truth, operating in my consciousness, is renewing me physically, mentally, morally, and financially.• Day by Day this inner Selfhood, which is my invisible being, is manufacturing whatever is necessary for the fulfillment of my earthly experience.
10. I remain as an observer.
11. I do not express life: Life expresses Itself as my infinite, individual, indestructible being.

Chapter Thirteen
1. When the human mind rests and perforns it’s proper function as an avenue of awareness, Consciousness functions as our mind, as our experience, and as our life.
2. • Good cannot flow to you: good expresses itself from within and pours out upon all who come within range of your conscious awareness of this truth.• It is only necessary to refrain from taking thought, to relinquish all anxious, fearful thought – to be still.
3. The thought of man is not power.
4. • Anything you accept as a power apart from Consciousness may harm you, but of itself, it has no more power than a shadow upon a wall.
• You suffer from your belief that there is a power apart from your own Consciousness.
5. Harm comes, not from another, but from you, because of your deviation from truth.
6. Nothing exists outside your own Consciousness.
7. Never look upon temporary discord as failure, lack of demonstration, or the absence of spiritual vision and understanding.
8. • These are your opportunities to prove the nothingness of what the world calls power.• They will be dissolved when they no longer serve their purpose as spurs to your spiritual unfoldment.
9. Whenever an appearance of discord looms upon your horizon, relax, rest, be at peace in the assurance of My Presence within you.

Chapter Fourteen
1. Supply is the source of money; Supply is the substance of which money is formed.

Chapter Fifteen
1.  • Meditation is not an end in itself.• That which we are seeking is a conscious realization of the presence of Consciousness.• We do not want Consciousness ‘and’: we want Consciousness alone.That is the final step on the spiritual path.

2. Because the form is inseparable and indivisible from its source, even the form is eternal.

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