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Below is a selection of articles contemplating the Infinite Way teachings 11/ 13/ 2018         SUPPLY         "Supply is the word of God. The way to receive Supply is to open ourselves to the  the word of God. God’s Grace falls on the just and the …

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Below are a selection of the ‘Wisdoms’ in ‘The Infinite Way’ by Joel S. Goldsmith, designed for contemplation. Consciousness lives Itself. You do not live it. To live spiritually is to know that all is; then do not name, label, define, or judge what is. Be content to know IS and let …

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Thoughts for contemplation on ‘A Lesson To Sam’by Joel S Goldsmith 1. Exercise: When you are faced with a problem, close your eyes and remember that your Invisible Self is right there where you are. Then be still, and the Spirit Itself will take over. 2. To be receptive within …

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Below are exercises for contemplation and practice suggested throughout Joel Goldsmith’s books. From: ‘The Infinite Way’ 1. Whenever you leave one place to go on to another place, pause for a second to realize that the Presence has gone before you to prepare the way; and that that Presence remains …

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