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‘Spiritual Healing’ Unofficial Study Guide No. 7

From: ” The Master Speaks”

1. When the mortal, the human being, the planner, has faded out of existence and you are witnessing the activity within, you are watching Consciousness work ‘in’ you and ‘through’ you and ‘as’ you.

2. In other words, the human mind is less active as a thinking apparatus and more active as a state of awareness.
3. We do not annihilate ourselves or destroy our individuality in this way; we increase it.
4. You must overcome personal selfhood.
5. Consciousness appears as the allness of you when you have overcome the temptation to be concerned about the little ‘I’ and are no longer taking thought for that little self.
6. The transformation that is necessary is a complete about-face to where thought is focused on our Consciousness, and the ability to let that Consciousness flow forth.
7. All power is in the Consciousness of my being and It not only knows my needs before I do, but It has the love necessary to provide whatever is needed.
8. Consciousness is forever fulfilling Itself as our individual experience.
9. Keep thought steadfastly on Consciousness, continuously on the Source and Substance, and not on the ‘effect in’ which or ‘as’ Consciousness is to appear.
10. • Your own state of consciousness will always be made manifest as your experience, and no man can take that away from you.• No man can take your consciousness away from you.
11. We must be willing to train ourselves to be conscious of Presence, instead of seeking some ‘form’ in which Consciousness is to appear.
12. The antidote for the world’s troubles is the conscious awareness of Consciousness as omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient – the reality of being.
13. Once we, as individuals have proved that there is a spiritual power which heals our personal ills, lacks, and limitations, we shall begin to see that there is a spiritual power which can overcome any evil in human society.
14. Consciousness manifests itself as individual being. 
15. In every moment, Consciousness is imparting Itself to you, within you, in an individual way, as guidance and direction, as a healing agency, as well as a supporting and supplying agency.
16. Wherever you go, Consciousness is present within you, as your everything of this existence, awaiting your recognition.
17. The consciousness of any and every individual never dies.
18. • The purpose of this teaching is to make Consciousness evident and real to you individually as a living experience.• Consciousness ‘is’ a living experience.

1. Exercise: Acquire the habit of never doing anything without first opening consciousness to the inflow of Spirit.
2. You will feel yourself to be an avenue through which all of the Spirit continuously pours Itself. You can almost feel how it flows out from the centre of your being.
3. Spirit’s manifestation of It’s own being has always existed.
4. Our individual being – our spiritual identity – will continue to be individual you and me until all mortal concepts  disappear and we realize the spiritual universe.
5. Once we have the conscious feeling of the Presence, It lives our lives for us. But there must be a conscious union and awareness of Presence, a conscious oneness, at-one-ment.
6. Consciousness is Spirit and has no awareness of human pictures.
7. Exercise: Abide in the centre of your being and rest content in your conscious oneness with Soul.
8. Be intent in learning the true nature of Cause, rather than demonstrating effect.
9. • Reach the state of consciousness in which you no longer take the mental sword of criticism, judgement, or condemnation.• When the time comes, your consciousness will have become the light of the world, because in it there is neither love, hate, nor fear of error.
1. • The primary purpose of this work is to bring forth our true identity as Spirit.• Since Consciousness is all, then Consciousness must express Itself, manifest Itself, ‘as’ you and ‘as’ me.
2. Consciousness is not in our physical body, but Consciousness is within us in the sense that Consciousness is our own being.
3. Most metaphysical teachings teach that you are an idea of God but the Infinite Way teaching does not agree with that concept.
4. The basis of our work is oneness – omnipresence. In this oneness is your completeness.
5. There is no power acting upon you. Life, Soul is the ‘only power’.
6. There is only one reason why anyone has ever experienced sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation and that is universal mortal, or human belief.
7. The human mind is an avenue of awareness of the truth of being.

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