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‘Spiritual Healing’ Unofficial Study Guide No. 5

‘Spiritual Healing’ Unofficial Study Guide No. 5

From: “The Contemplative Life”


1. In the spiritual way of life, our first step is to disregard temporarily our concern for things, persons, and conditions, and centre our attention on a conscious realization of our Source.
2. We are already one with our Life stream.
3. • The reason harmony does not come into our experience lies in the word ‘consciously’.• Nothing can transpire in your experience except as an activity of your own consciousness.
4. The secret of the spiritual life is to recognize consciously our oneness with our infinite, immortal, eternal Source.
5. Exercise: “I am one with my Source, and all that is flowing forth from Consciousness is flowing into my experience”.
6. Until we ‘consciously’ do this we are not experiencing that which is our birthright.
7. The Presence of Consciousness is closer to us than our own breathing, and the responsibility for bringing it into active expression in our lives rests with us.
8. • Dwell in conscious awareness of this truth.• Those who abide in this realization consciously find that when any form of discord comes into their experience, it dissolves and disappears.
1. There is only one Creative Principle and it is located within all.
2. The Presence of Consciousness is within ‘you’, whoever the you may be.
3. Consciousness cannot come ‘to’ you. It must be permitted to flow out from you.
4. Supply is demonstrated, not in the getting, but in opening out a way for the supply already within you to flow out from it’s Source, which is within you.
5. • Whatever it is we are seeking, we must find a way to give it out.• It is the givingness of ourselves that brings the givingness of the universe to us.
6. By your thoughts and actions of today, you determine your reaping of tomorrow.
7. There is nothing to do but make yourself a transparency through which the light that is already within you can shine.
8. It is always there, but your enjoying the benefits of It is dependent on your knowing the truth of it’s omnipresence.

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