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‘Spiritual Healing’ Unofficial Study Guide No. 4

From: “Living Now”


1. Power does not exist in that which has form or effect: power is in the consciousness that produces the form or the effect.
2. The life of man is not in effect, but in Consciousness.
3. Every time we give power to a person, thing or condition, our consciousness is showing forth it’s conditioning, and to that extent we become victims of it.
4. The power of resurrection lies in love and it is only in loving that resurrection can come, not in being loved.
5. Companionship and understanding are not to be found: they are to be expressed.
6. There is no other reason for staying on earth than the opportunity to love.
7. The love you are seeking is the love you must give.
8. • Live constantly in the awareness of the dominion given to you, and therefore do not fear anything or anyone external to yourself.• Open up ways for a greater expression of love to flow out from you.
9. All this world that we are confronting is within us.
10. The basic principle emphasised in The Infinite Way is that there is neither good nor evil but thinking makes it so. Only the universal sense makes it seem so.

1. • Evil does not originate in the patient’s thought, although he may permit himself to become an outlet for it.• All evil of any nature has its origin in the universal or carnal mind.
2. Everything that is visible, everything that is made, is made of a substance that is invisible.
3. There is only one problem: a universal belief in a selfhood apart from Consciousness, a power apart from Consciousness, or a presence apart from Consciousness.
4. The error is in a universal belief that there is a mortal man or that there is a condition or a creation apart from Consciousness.
5. After the error has been impersonalised, there is a second step, and this is called ‘nothingizing’, making nothing of it, in other words realising that God did not create the evil condition.
6. A person can believe that there are ghosts in a room, but the ghosts do not have reality.
7. You experience lack, limitation and discord only because there is a universal belief in its reality and power.
8. • Consciousness is the only power, and besides Consciousness there is no other power.• The only power there is is spiritual power, and nothing else is power.
9. You may feel a person is to blame for your troubles. But the truth of the matter is that the trouble arose out of your acceptance of the universal belief in a selfhood apart from Consciousness.
10. You are an unfolding consciousness, and you will continue to unfold into infinity.
11. Error exists only as an illusory appearance.
12. We have to leave the realm of mind and body and find our good in Consciousness. But since the realm of Consciousness is invisible, no proof or sign that this is true can be given in advance.
13. We have to stop looking to the world for our happiness and realize that wholeness in every department of our life is embodied in our individual consciousness.

14. Exercise: “I find the harmony of being in my Consciousness, and it is the harmony of my body and of my human relationships”

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