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‘Spiritual Healing’ Unofficial Study Guide No. 1

From: “Realization Of Oneness”
1. Consciousness and man are one. Therefore all the qualities of Consciousness – purity, goodness, justice, love and forgiveness – are in reality qualities of man. Just as the glass and tumbler are one.
2. • Man is the form and Consciousness is the essence of his being.• Consciousness is the substance and law of man’s life, of his mind, of his Soul, his body and his Spirit.
3. Consciousness is not a power over evil, and we have no power over evil.
4. We do not need a power over discord or disease because these have no existence in Consciousness, and if they do not exist in Consciousness, they do not exist.
5. They can exist only as beliefs in human consciousness that believes in two powers.
6. Consciousness cannot give us life because Consciousness ‘is’ eternal life, and It’s life is the life of our being.
7. There is no giving, and there is no withholding. There is only ‘Is-ing’.
8. There is no need to want some particular person, thing or circumstance, for we embody our good.
9. In the face of the appearance of discord realize:  ‘There is no power to sustain this, and no law of Consciousness to maintain it. There is no power but Consciousness’. Then it must dissolve and disappear.
10. The first step in the spiritual path is to become aware of the Invisible Presence, to live always as if It were bearing witness with us, as if It were going before us.
11. Every kind of evil in international affairs will be dissolved, but it will be dissolved because there are now persons in earth knowing that these evils have no existence in Consciousness; and therefore, they have no existence or power.
12. Rest in the Word, dwell ‘in the secret place of the most High’ always looking out at these forms or formations without hate, love, or fear, knowing that if they do not have their rise in Consciousness, they have no reality, no substance, no law, no cause, no effect.
13. By abiding in truth, we watch as it dissolves and disappears.
14. Out of the Consciousness of man must come all that is necessary for his fulfillment.
15. I am the way, the truth, and the life.
16. Whichever ‘temple’ you destroy, ‘I’ will raise it up again.
17. When man turns anywhere other than to the Within essence of his own being for life, supply, health, success, harmony, he is turning to where it is not.
18. The most important part of our work in The Infinite Way is meditation, because no-one has access to the inner sanctuary of his being, his inner consciousness, except through the listening ear.
19. Meditation is the practice of creating within one’s self practically a vacuum in which the Presence can announce Itself.
20. Truth is within you and you must open out a way for the imprisoned splendour to escape.
21. The only good, allness and fulfillment you are ever going to receive is from within your own Consciousness.
22. When you look in the mirror, remember you are not seeing ‘you’: you are seeing your body. The Self of you is the real you.
23. There is but one Consciousness, and therefore, there can be but one I. 
24. Anything you do to another you are doing to yourself because there is but one Self, and ‘I’ am that Self.

1. Once we can realise ourselves as ‘I’, separate and apart from personality and body, we will have the secret of eternality and immortality.
2. If we accept the world’s belief in two powers, it’s belief in spirit and matter, then we are going to experience both good and evil.
3. We are constantly faced with good persons and bad persons, but we must accept only spiritual identity.
4. Spirit has no shifting, changing qualities, and It’s only quantity is infinity.
5. • If we accept the world of appearances, we pay the penalty for that acceptance.• Recognize these suggestions that come to us are appearances like the mirage in the desert.• They are hypnotism that does not need to be healed, reformed or corrected.• Whatever is presented to us is a state of hypnotism producing an illusion, a mirage.
6. We see through the mirage to Reality.
7. Spiritual healing is not changing an evil condition into a good one: healing is the changing of consciousness.
8. We are not dealing with a condition but with a universal belief in a selfhood apart from Consciousness.
9. In The Infinite Way, we never give a treatment to a person, we do not practice hypnotism or suggestion.
10. • What we do when the appearance is brought to us is to go immediately to the ‘I’ of our being and abide there.• Then we are quiet, and in a few moments a deep sense of peace comes, a ‘click’, a deep breath, something or other, and we know that Consciousness is on the scene.
11. The substance of the illusion is always the same, it is always nothingness, the ‘arm of flesh’ appearance. Behind it is the activity of a universal malpractice or hypnotism, which is produced by the universal belief in two powers.
12. The consciousness that does not respond to appearances, the consciousness that is aware of the spiritual nature of creation and of the illusory nature of appearances, is a healing consciousness.
13. The deeper you go into the healing consciousness, the more you find yourself living so in meditation that you do not have to go into a deep meditation with every claim that comes because you are in it nine-tenths of the time.

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