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‘Practicing The Presence’ Study Guide – Chapters 5 & 6

Practicing The Presence Study Guide

Chapter Five

1. The basis of ‘The Infinite Way’:

• There is no power apart from the Life within me.

• Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

2. Exercise: What is love in the spiritual sense?

3. Love is not something that can come to us; it is the nature of our Being. It is universal and impersonal and flows out from within us.

4. Love is the law of Consciousness.

5. There is only One Selfhood. What I do another I do to myself.
We cannot harm anyone and no one can harm us.

Exercise: 1. Morning, noon and night, we watch our thoughts, words and deeds to ensure we are not responsible for anything of a negative nature which would have undesirable repercussions.

Exercise: 2. Praying for our enemies. The law of Consciousness is love. Loving our enemies means not fearing them or hating them. No criticism, judgement or condemnation.

6. There are no good human beings, bad human beings, sick human beings. Just Pure Consciousness individualised.

7. ‘There is only one Selfhood; whatever truth I know about you is the truth about me’.

• I am Spirit / Soul / Consciousness expressed.

8. Every hurt that has ever come into our experience has been the direct result of our inability to behold this universe as spiritual.

9. It is what goes out from us that returns to bless or condemn us.

Consciousness does not do either. Consciousness simply IS.

10. Human thought is not a power, and therefore not to be feared. 

11. Spiritual good may come ‘through’ you but it does not come ‘from’ you.

12. There is no separation – the I of me IS the I of you. This principle binds us.

Chapter Six

1. I already embody all supply.
Supply cannot come to me from outside of my own Consciousness. Nothing can return to us except that which we give out.
Supply does not come from one another.
Supply comes from my own Being.

2. Are we that which receives, or are we that centre through which infinity flows?

3. We are tempted to believe we need things. In truth, we only need, and have, our own Consciousness appearing as form.

4. If we look to someone for our good, we block it. Supply must flow out from within us.

5. Our Consciousness of truth is the law of our daily experience.

6. Exercise: “What do I ‘have’?”

7. That which flows out is always the activity of Consciousness flowing through us.

8. We cannot ‘get’ supply, but we can begin to pour, we can begin to multiply.

9. Exercise: Constantly seek within for greater opportunities to release the good already established within you. Express it, share it, whether tangible or intangible – e.g. money, love, forgiveness, co-operation.

10. The Light of Consciousness shines and flows. It does not receive anything.

11. Tithing here means continuously knowing the truth of individual being.

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