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‘Practicing The Presence’ Study Guide – Chapters 3 & 4

Practicing The Presence Study Guide
Chapter Three
1. We must abide in ‘The Word’. Then discord does not come upon us.
2. KEY: To do this, we must live continuously ln awareness of Consciousness.
3. From the womb, consciousness formed us and supplied our needs. It is the only law, maintaining and sustaining Its creation at all times.
4. “He that is within me is greater than he that is within the world”. Consciousness is the source of my being. It is in the midst of me and all.
5. There is no power in any effect. All power is in the cause which produces the effect.
6. • The non-existence of two powers. Mass hypnotism feeds us the belief in two powers.There is no outside influence acting upon us from without our own being 
• All power flows out from within us and appears as form.
7. There is only one Life.Omnipresence means that in Reality there cannot be a harmful or destruction influence or nature.We have accepted the belief that something outside of our own Consciousness can influence our experience. It is the acceptance of this belief that causes our discord. 
8. Discords come and go because they have no law to support them.Human thinking is not a power.
9. Safety, security and peace are dependent on our remembrance of One.
• Harmony is never absent except in our ‘belief’. 
10. We cannot ‘use’ consciousness because it is already all.
11. Power does not exist in any form – only in Consciousness, the One and only Power.12. We are not body-form – we are Consciousness. This is the truth of our identity.
13. Mind is an avenue of awareness and not a creative faculty. Soul is the creative activity.
Exercise: What does Joel mean by – The Word? Mind? Soul?
14. Supply is within ourselves and appears visibly in the without as form. 
15. Conclusion – Nothing comes into our experience unless it comes from Consciousness. Therefore, acknowledge no source, no cause, no effect, no power, no presence but Consciousness. 

Chapter Four
1. There is only One Life / One Selfhood / One Presence. 
2. The non-existence of duality.The outer world and inner are one.
3. Invisible activity governs our beingOur inner Selfhood appears outwardly as you and me.
4. I live by Consciousness. Consciousness governs the organs of my body. Consciousness is the substance of my life. 
The ‘I’ at the centre of our Being appears outwardly as our supply, food, clothing, etc
5. Therefore, every detail of our life (body / work / home) is governed by our Being, not by a law of human belief. 
• Let Consciousness fulfill Itself as your individual experience.
6. • We entertain a false sense of self.
• All discord comes from this false sense of I.
7. We are taught to live in constant, conscious remembrance of the Infinite Invisible within.
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• Be the lamp through which the Light of Consciousness can shine through your individual being.
8. As humans, we place our reliance on things and people in the outer world.But our reliance is on our Soul. ‘I in the midst of me is mighty’.

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