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Practicing The Presence’ Study Guide – Chapters 1 & 2

Thoughts on “Practicing the Presence”

This post is intended as a study guide, an aid offering points for contemplation as you read through Joel’s work.

As we read through each chapter of the book, it maybe helpful to consider:

1. What is the main message of this chapter? 2. What are the spiritual principles Joel is pointing to?3. How does this chapter speak to me?

Suggested keys to “Practicing The Presence” :

1. The need to live consciously and continuously in the realization of Presence.

2. Living without an awareness of Presence, we are living in the delusory mind of this world.

3. By keeping an awareness of Spirit alive in Consciousness, you are practising the principles of spiritual living. This is how to restore the “lost years of the locusts”.

Each section of this guide is not intended to replace a full reading of the original work of Joel Goldsmith. It is simply intended as pointers for contemplation.
Chapter One
1. Joel tells us that ‘consciousness’ is the most important word in all of The Infinite Way teaching. And that the secret of harmonious living is the development of spiritual consciousness. The goal of life is to live in continual awareness of this Pure Mind.
Exercise: Letting the Light of Consciousness shine through (being more present in Awareness than in your physical body).
2. Peace does not come from external people and situations. Spiritual Peace is that which gently wells up within us, sometimes as a deep breath.
3. • Our Consciousness is the substance of our world.
• Everything that exists in the outer realm exists as an activity of Consciousness.
Visible form is the natural result of the activity of an invisible law and cause.
• “Thy Grace is my Sufficiency” and peace and joy to all those who come within range of my consciousness.
4. How do we avail ourselves of this Truth?
• By ‘feeling’ the presence and power of Consciousness.
• By ‘consciously’ realizing the Invisible Presence within you.
“I stand at the door and knock”. Spirit is everywhere, but unless we ‘feel’ it, we do not have it. It is only effective in our experience if it is realized.
Exercise: Pause hourly, or at frequent intervals during the day, to practice the Presence – to see through the Eyes of Consciousness.
Chapter Two
1. Are we seeking Consciousness or something from our Consciousness? 
• There is no Consciousness AND, because Consciousness is all. We demonstrate the realization of Presence – not person, place or thing – only an awareness of our own Being.
2. Deeper and deeper realization of our very own Being is demonstration. As this Light touches us, it is of benefit to ourselves and the world (because the world is within My Consciousness).
3. Exercise: What is Consciousness? Know yourself as Consciousness.
We must have our own experience of The Presence. Experiencing this is the highest form of demonstration. Hyo Silver-Be Mine Valentine Giveaway
4. • Consciousness has nothing to give us. We cannot derive good from Consciousness. Everything that Consciousness has, we already are.
• Consciousness is already fulfilling Itself.
5. We can only remove ourselves from Grace in ‘belief’ – not in actuality.
6. Spirit is not related to the human scene. Lift yourself from material concepts to Consciousness.
7. The Infinite Way is to commune with Consciousness: “We feel that pulsing Spirit down to our fingertips”.
Then ‘I’ lives, yet not I – Consciousness lives in me, through me, through my receptive, transparent mind.
• Looking over our shoulder, we watch Consciousness work through us.
Exercise: Devote yourself to this contemplation – behold It and watch It – within. “Let my only purpose be to unite with Thee”.
8. The infinite intelligence of the Universe formed it, maintained and sustains it without any human advice. Therefore, we can trust it with our individual being because it already knows our need. Consciousness is the substance and intelligence of all form – the Source of all existence.
9. Consciousness is working out Its life as our life. Therefore, be a beholder and step aside to see the Light of Consciousness shining through. We are beholders of Consciousness appearing individually, living as you and me

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