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Current Events

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March Workshop 2021

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February Workshop 2021

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January Workshop 2021

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World Work

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“The Government Of Eden”

The latest Joel Goldsmith book. Available for purchase from:

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This brand-new service is the ultimate tool for studying Joel’s recorded work. Joel S. Goldsmith Streaming is a subscription streaming service that gives subscribers access to the entire library of Joel Goldsmith’s authentic recorded classes at   

Subscribers use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to access the service, which is unmatched in its completeness and flexibility.  

Subscribers of this richly featured service will:   Hear authentic recordings, produced from the original tapes.

  • Enjoy ad-free streaming in a serene study venue, free of distractions. 
  • Search the entire library of titles by number or key word. 
  • View and select recordings in four ways: 

       –   by number or title           –   by class    

       –   by book           –   by topic. 

  • See related classes and books for each recording.
  • Enjoy the best quality audio presently available for the authentic recordings.

Subscription fees directly support ‘The Infinite Way’ Office in maintaining the Streaming Service, preserving and maintaining Joel’s original work, and serving Infinite Way students.   This new service will transform how students can study The Infinite Way message. For more details, please visit: