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‘Consciousness Is What I Am’ Unofficial Study Guide – Chapters 7-12

Chapter Seven
1. There is in reality only one Consciousness, but we entertain a material sense of that Consciousness that depends on the outer world for its good.
2. Spiritual Consciousness is not subject to material or mental laws or powers because they are not power.
3. To the degree we have attained spiritual consciousness, even the body itself appears as light rather than matter, as incorporeality rather than corporeality.
4. Spiritual Consciousness is untouched by the beliefs of this world.
5. A person anchored in truth can look at germs, bullets, bombs and not resist or fight them, not try to overcome them or do away with them, but realize they have no power.
6. Exercise: For contemplation,• Consciousness is the only power, the only substance, the only activity, the only law.• All power there is must be spiritual.
7. All human life is dedicated to acquiring. The Truth is that we embody within ourselves infinite supply, and no more can be added to us.
8. Consciousness is the source from which we have to begin, and whatever is to evolve comes from that consciousness.
9. The bread that you cast on the water is the bread that is going to come back as your supply.
10. Begin to evolve spiritually by living from the standpoint of what you can give or add to the world.
11. One of the greatest gifts we have is the gift of prayer – prayer for our enemies, for the world, and for our neighbour.
12. Any demonstration that merely provides for our needs alone is not a spiritual demonstration.
13. • Spiritually the increase cannot occur until the outgo has taken place.• In the spiritual universe, we pay money out in order that it may come in.
14. Companionship is not something we get from another; companionship is something we give to another.
15. How many of us have for many years believed that others were holding us in condemnation, unforgiveness, or holding grievances against us, not realising that we were doing it, and not they?
16. Spiritual Consciousness is a realization that within you is the substance of all that is to appear in your world, whereas material consciousness is a belief that you acquire, accomplish, and achieve from the outside.
17. Spiritual Consciousness is an awareness that all you need flows to you from within your own being.

Chapter Eight
1. Invisible Life fulfills Itself tangibly and visibly.
2. There cannot be Consciousness ‘and’ anything else. Consciousness must exist as the substance of all that is.
3. The only taking thought we should do is to acknowledge the omnipresence of Spirit, and then let that realization manifest itself not in what we call ‘our’ due time, but ‘Its’ due time.
4. The only demonstration that is possible in The Infinite Way is the demonstration of the presence of Consciousness, and once we demonstrate that, good will unfold in infinite form and variety.
5. Exercise: Awake in the morning and realise,I am living here and now, and the Consciousness that dwells in me goes before me to perfect this day. It performs all that is given me to do; It perfects that which concerns me. My only function is to ‘be’ and to bear witness.
6. As we stand still and bear witness, our good will unfold from an invisible Source through an invisible Power operating on the visible universe.
7. The Consciousness that brings up the sun, brings the buds into bloom is also invisibly working in us to bring forth It’s fruitage as our individual life.
8. Nothing can come into our experience except through our consciousness, so what our life will be depends on what we entertain in Consciousness.
9. Our responsibility is to be still and let Omnipresence flow.
10. • We do not have to think thoughts of generosity, forgiveness or abundance.• We have only to abide in Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence, and Consciousness flows through.• Then love and generosity pours through but we have not taken thought about it.
11. Our Consciousness externalises as whatever form is necessary to us.No one can take what is ours away from us.
12. There is not Consciousness ‘and’ our business. Our business is our Consciousness in a specific form. The bread that we have cast on the waters is ours, and it cannot fall into anyone else’s hands.
13. Everything in the visible realm comes forth from the Invisible.
14. Stillness and listening are our access to Infinity.
15. If we admit having a need, we externalise the need.
16. Exercise: I live in the Now. Now I admit the presence of the Invisible into my consciousness, and I let that work in me as I go about my daily tasks.
17. Our very being contains within Itself everything that we shall ever need from now until eternity.
18. We must develop the practice of being beholders and watch as these things appear in our life.
19. We must develop that inner beholding which creates a vacuum. Then whatever we need flows into expression.

Chapter Nine
1. The Consciousness that formed the body in the beginning is the Consciousness that maintains and sustains it.
2. The nutritive value of our food is in our Consciousness.
3. I consciously withdraw power from the outer realm and place it where it belongs: in Consciousness.
4. We must pass from the belief that something external has power over us to the realization that all power is derived from Consciousness.
5. • In reality there is only One Power in this Universe, all good.• We can make anything evil in our experience by thinking it so, but that does not mean that it is of itself evil.
6. Recognising Consciousness as the only Substance that is Self-created and Self-made rained, It must be good or It could not last eternally and immortally; and if It is good, It is good in any form in which It appears.
7. Consciousness at the centre of my being is the law of my experience, and It is the law of love unto me.
8. Consciousness at the centre of my being draws unto me everything necessary for my good. It acts as a law of elimination to everything not necessary to my spiritual unfoldment and development.
9. Our beliefs are non-existant powers, but they operate as real until we consciously eliminate the belief and exchange it for truth.

Chapter Ten
1. There is no mental effort in spiritual healing.
2. Appearances are but a shadow, an image in mind.
3. When a person recognizes Consciousness as infinite, omnipresent Life, he must then realize that all discord is only the projection of the belief in two powers.
4. Inner Stillness dissolves the erroneous pictures.
5. The carnal mind and all its activities are nothing. In reality, there is no mind to be called ‘carnal’.
6. Error in and of itself is not a power, it is merely a belief.
7. The object of Infinite Way work is to bring your Consciousness to that place where you rise above merely a belief in consciousness and come into the experience of communion with the Invisible.
8. Mortality is nothing but an illusion of sense. You do not try to heal it, cure it, or get rid of it: you recognize it as the nothingness it is.
9. No longer hating, fearing or loving the powers of this world, you realise they only exist as temporal power when you give power to them.
10. Exercise: Contemplate,Consciousness is the substance of all being and the law of all being.
11. Recognize appearance as an illusion, a mirage and know that you can go forward because you are not afraid of a mirage and nothing has to be done about it.
12. You cannot meet a problem on the level of a problem.
13. Error is a ‘temptation’ to believe in two powers.
14. Discord is not in, of, or through person; it is not appearing as person; it is something separate and apart from person. It must be nothingness. It can have not existence apart from the mind that is believing in two powers.

Chapter Eleven
1. There is always an awareness of the Presence going before us.
2. The relationship between teacher and student is an eternal relationship, if the student will have it so.
3. • Since Consciousness is that I am, I embody in my consciousness all that belongs to me.• And since there is no such thing as time and space, this all happens now and this all happens here where I am.
4. Exercise: Open your consciousness and realise that I do not exist in time or space. The only place I can exist for you is in your consciousness.
5. You exist as Consciousness and you can admit into your consciousness or drop from your consciousness whomever you wish.
6. Have we ever received any benefit from another except the benefit of Consciousness?
7. In the absence of our loved ones, for any reason, there will be no sense if loss for separation because we will know that we have no physical relationship. Our relationship is one of Consciousness.
8. All the misery of life arises from the belief that we are separate one from another, from people, our supply, home, employment.
9. Every time we consciously impersonalize and realise that neither discord, disease, not false appetite is a part of our being but that is merely a universal belief in two powers, that is developing our fourth-dimensional Consciousness.
10. Recognize that I in the midst of me is really the Source of my supply, health and harmony.
11.  Every meditation that turns us within to let the hidden splendour flow is uplifting consciousness.

Chapter Twelve
1. The Light reveals Itself in Consciousness. This is the spiritual nature of all being.
2. Every bit of spiritual light which you and I as individuals attain increases the amount that is loosed in the world.
3. Those who are realising spiritual principles are forming the consciousness of the new generation.

4. Every truth that we know and every healing that takes place through our consciousness helps to establish that healing Grace in human consciousness.

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