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Compilation - Daily Exercises


Below are exercises for contemplation and practice suggested throughout Joel Goldsmith’s books.

From: ‘The Infinite Way’

1. Whenever you leave one place to go on to another place, pause for a second to realize that the Presence has gone before you to prepare the way; and that that Presence remains behind you as a benediction to all who pass that way.

2. Cultivate an awareness of the presence every moment.

From:  ‘A Lesson To Sam’ 

1. When you are faced with a problem, close your eyes and remember that your Invisible Self is right there where you are. Then be still, and the Spirit Itself will take over.

2. Have periods throughout the day when you listen within, and then Spirit will rush into the vacuum you have created.

From: ‘Consciousness Transformed’

1. Realize, “Consciousness lives my life”.

2. “Let us go until Monday without thinking of the word ‘I'”.

3. Rest in ‘Me’ – rest back in your Soul.

4. Be Empty!

5. Is there anything to me except conscious awareness?

6. Get into the rhythm of being a beholder.

7. Realize, I have no physical relationship. Therefore my relationship is one of Consciousness.

8.  ‘I’ am not in this body, but there is an ‘I’ separate and apart from body which is the owner of this body – and therefore the body in and of itself is nothing. ‘I’ am the law unto it.

9. Realize, In this invisible ‘I’ that I am is embodied my life and everything needful that pertains to that life. I do not have to go anywhere for it, because it is already ’embodied’ in the ‘I’ that I Am.

From: ‘A Parenthesis In Eternity’

1. Let Omnipresence pour Itself through you.

2. Go into the inner sanctuary of your being and be quiet. If you dwell in Me, and if you let Me dwell in you, if you live in the recognition that I in the midst of you am your true identity, your eternal life, ‘I’ will draw unto you whatever is necessary for your harmonious unfoldment, be it person, place, or thing.

3. Become a beholder and watch each hour unfold. Overcome the egotistic belief that this is our world and that we are responsible for it. Learn to stand a little to the right of yourself and watch. This is being a witness.

4. Consciously live as though you are looking right down a long straight line of now.

From: ‘The Thunder Of Silence’

1. What is Consciousness?

2. Q: How can I stop thinking about and believing in good and evil?

A: The secret is in the attainment of the unconditioned mind through which the Soul functions as life and experience.

3. Q: What is present where ‘I AM’?

4. Our response to a problem must be, “Look, here it is in my mind. I’m looking at it. It is a shadow and cannot be power, so I do not need a power to destroy it or remove it”.

5. Remember, “These are mental images in thought. They are projected states of thought out of the vast mental illusion”. Then by abiding in an inner peace, they are dissolved.

6. Open your eyes and see with spiritual vision.

7.  “I offer myself as an empty instrument”.

From: ‘The Art Of Meditation’

1. Who am I? What am I? Where am I?

2. With patience and practice, we develop the consciousness of a beholder.

From: ‘Consciousness Is What I Am’

1. Q: What is the height of spiritual progress.

A: ‘Dying’ to the self and losing one’s human sense of life.

2. For contemplation,

• Consciousness is the only power, the only substance, the only activity, the only law.

• All power there is must be spiritual.

3. Awake in the morning and realise,

I am living here and now, and the Consciousness that dwells in me goes before me to perfect this day. It performs all that is given me to do; It perfects that which concerns me. My only function is to ‘be’ and to bear witness.

4. I live in the Now. Now I admit the presence of the Invisible into my consciousness, and I let that work in me as I go about my daily tasks.

5. Contemplate,

Consciousness is the substance of all being and the law of all being.

6. Open your consciousness and realise that I do not exist in time or space. The only place I can exist for you is in your consciousness.

From: ‘Spiritual Healing’

1. Our first act, repeated throughout the day, and our final act at night is consciously realising the realm of Consciousness within us.

2.  “I am the same age I was yesterday, I am the same life, the same mind, the same Spirit, the same body”.  Best Face Forward Contest: Win 2019 BMW 430i xDrive

3. Realize, “This body is not a power over me. I, the divine consciousness of Being, am the life and the mind, the intelligence and the directing power of this body”.

4. “I find the harmony of being in my Consciousness, and it is the harmony of my body and of my human relationships”. 

5.  “I am one with my Source, and all that is flowing forth from Consciousness is flowing into my experience”.

6. Acquire the habit of never doing anything without first opening consciousness to the inflow of Spirit.

7. Abide in the centre of your being and rest content in your conscious oneness with Soul.

8. Every day we must practice letting Infinity flow out from us.

From: ‘The Mystical I’

1. What is the veil placed upon truth that holds us in bondage to ignorance and fear?

2. When your mind is completely in a listening attitude, a vessel emptied of all its concepts, then what is revealed to you through the still, small voice becomes visible to you as harmony.

3. I listen to I that I am.

4. Making the transition from material sense to spiritual Consciousness is realising the invisible part of you is the source of, and most important part of, your life.

5.In meditation, you contemplate the spiritual activity and being that is within yourself. Contemplate always the Infinite Invisible of your being.

6. • As discords appear in your experience, first open the door of your consciousness and recognise ‘I’ and then acknowledge that there is no power external to It.

• Abide in ‘Me’ and let ‘Me’ abide in you.

• Recognise that appearances are shadows, they are not realities; they are not powers.

7. Consider – I in the midst of you am where you are.

• I in the midst am where your friends are.

• I in the midst of you am where your enemies are.

• There is no time, no place, no person where I am not.

8. • Whenever a problem arises in your experience, turn instantly away from the problem to the I within and realise that this is the solution to all problems.

• Wait in the meditation until you have the feeling of this Presence and then release the problem and let it go.

9. What kind of peace does our spiritual identity give?

10. Die daily to the personal sense of I by retiring into the silence and presence of Awareness. Expect this rythmn of Life to flow forth through your consciousness as harmony into the outer world.

11. Listen within as you fall asleep and you will then be receiving thoughts throughout the night just as consciously as you do throughout the day.

From: ‘Practicing The Presence’

1. Letting the Light of Consciousness shine through (being more present in Awareness than in your physical body).

2. Pause hourly, or at frequent intervals during the day, to practice the Presence – to see through the Eyes of Consciousness.

3. What is Consciousness? Know yourself as Consciousness.

We must have our own experience of The Presence. Experiencing this is the highest form of demonstration.

4. Devote yourself to this contemplation – behold It and watch It – within. “Let my only purpose be to unite with Thee”.

5. What does Joel mean by – The Word? Mind? Soul?

6. Be the lamp through which the Light of Consciousness can shine through your individual being.

7. Morning noon and night, we watch our thoughts, words and deeds to ensure we are not responsible for anything of a negative nature which would have undesirable repercussions.

8. Praying for our enemies. The law of Consciousness is love. Loving our enemies means not fearing them or hating them. No criticism, judgement or condemnation.

9. “What do I ‘have’?”

10. Constantly seek within for greater opportunities to release the good already established within you. Express it, share it, whether tangible or intangible – e.g. money, love, forgiveness, co-operation.

11. At first this must be a constant, conscious remembrance because the mesmerism of this world draws the mind away from the awareness of our Inner Presence.

12. Develop the habit of waiting for a second at every door and realise, “There is no place where I can go today that my Consciousness is not”.

13. Rest in the awareness of the rythmn of the Universe flowing through you.

14. Take one principle into meditation daily for at least a month until its inner meaning is revealed.

15. Train yourself to live only in this moment.

16. Many times a day, turn your thought as if in the direction of your heart, to the Consciousness that lives within you.

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