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Thoughts for contemplation on

‘A Lesson To Sam’by Joel S Goldsmith

1. Exercise: When you are faced with a problem, close your eyes and remember that your Invisible Self is right there where you are. Then be still, and the Spirit Itself will take over.

2. To be receptive within you must give your Invisible Self your attention.

3. There is a centre within you that knows everything you do and brings back to you that which you send out.

4. Exercise: Have periods throughout the day when you listen within, and then Spirit will rush into the vacuum you have created.

5. • Your Invisible Self is instantly available to you merely by closing your eyes and inwardly listening.

• This Self fulfills your needs through your inner listening.

Thoughts for contemplation on ‘Three Essays’ by Joel S. Goldsmith


1. We can open our consciousness at this minute to a realization of ‘My peace’.

2. Our problem is at an end – not when we think we have found a solution, but when we have ‘felt’ this inner peace.

3. Seeking the realization of my Presence, you will find ‘the peace that passes understanding’. 

4. Exercise: Whenever agitation comes to your thought, find a place to rest and relax and wait for this peace to descend upon you.

5. Relax and be assured that there is a Presence in the midst of you, a Light, and Its function is to fulfill your entire experience.

6. It is almost as if you were looking over your own shoulder and watching Peace appear. Just quietly be a beholder.


1. There comes a point in your experience when you are conscious of a Presence within.

2. You become the vehicle through which Life lives itself.

3. The Inner manifests and expresses Itself as the outer individual.


1. If we abide in the Word and if we let the Word abide in us, we will bear fruit richly.

2. We brought into this atmosphere the peace that is here.

3. What have you in your consciousness? You have love, you have life, you have co-operativeness and you have peace.

4. What you discover here at this moment you have brought.

5. Exercise: What have I in my consciousness? I have been given quietness and confidence and stillness; I have been given My peace.

6. The allness of Infinity is pouring Itself forth into expression as my individual being, as my individual consciousness, as my individual life.

7. Turn within and seek Me. Acknowledge Me in the midst of you. Consciously let Me abide in you.

8. Exercise: Open your consciousness and feel the peace which passes understanding where you are.

9. Peace is not here until you bring it.

Thoughts for contemplation on ‘Love Gratitude’ by Joel S. Goldsmith



1. Love manifests itself AS man.

2. It is true that Love flows THROUGH man but we only open the avenues of Love through each other by not looking to each other for it, but by looking to Consciousness for it.


1. As you continue to focus your attention solely on within, Love begins to flow TO you THROUGH man … AS man.


1. No man has the power to give or to withhold. All power lies in Consciousness.

2. As we keep our gaze on that One Infinite Being, the source of our Life, the source of our Love, the source of our justice and benevolence, we find it reflected.

3. When you understand Consciousness as the One Ruling Mind and Intelligence of the Universe, looking to That Mind for Wisdom, Guidance, Direction and Protection, you receive it at the hands of every individual.



1. We can only be the vehicles through which Consciousness pours Itself as Love or as Gratitude.


1. It has no limitation and there is no desire to have it increased because it is the Allness coming through at this moment. Also Visit:


1. Infinite love is expressed from you and to you.

2. The error has been that you are looking to a person for Love, and a person does not have Love to give. Golden Ticket Instant Win Game

3. It is not up to us to determine from what direction Love is to come.


1. Learn to keep your vision on Consciousness as individual Being… as YOUR Being.

2. The reason we show forth some phase of discord is because we still have a selfhood apart from Consciousness.

3. We have no right to look out there for love, gratitude or supply. We must ONLY look within to our own Being.

4. Every experience to you in your life is your own Consciousness of Truth unfolding.


1. In ALL relationships, do not look to each other as though THAT person could give or withhold.


1. If you sow to the Spirit you will reap Spiritual Good and if you sow to the flesh you will reap corruption.


1. Consciousness is the Substance of which your body is formed.

2. There is only one Creator – Spirit – and there is no material body.

3. There is not a spiritual universe and a material universe.

4. There is only ONE Power and there is only ONE Presence and It is ALL Good.

5. Therefore it is useless to try to fight error or fight evil.

6. Nothing you can do or think can MAKE this true. It IS true … and it is not MADE true by any effort.

7. Whatever is true will reveal itself to you from within your own being if you will just open your Consciousness to it.

Thoughts for contemplation on ‘TRUTH For Business And Professional People’ by Joel S. Goldsmith

1. Spiritual Truth may be read over and over, or recited again and again, but it will do nothing for you until there is some measure of ‘realization’ with it.

2. The intellectual statement, or perception of Truth is not spiritual ‘awareness’. 

3. Even if at first they humanly do not measure up to it, we have to look right behind the eye and say, “My fellow, no matter what you think you are outwardly, behind those eyes is the very presence…”

4. The reason for so much of the world’s economic discord is the belief that supply is material.

5. The sooner you make an actual ‘contact’, that is, have the actual ‘feel’ of Truth, the sooner you will be on the spiritual Path.

6. • Let our first thought in the morning be a conscious awareness of the presence Within, carrying it with us throughout the day, and when retiring at night. 

• Live in the ‘conscious awareness’ of the Invisible, and let that unfold and carry us where it will.

Thoughts for Contemplation on ‘SPIRITUAL HEALING 

As Taught By Joel S Goldsmith’

1. Spiritual healing is healing without mental argument, healing without using the mind.

2. This is a hypnotic picture, and I do not have to do anything about it.

3. The healing Presence comes into operation only when the human mind is not at work, when the mind is still and the senses are silent.

4. The body does not control Consciousness; Consciousness controls the body.

5. People, things, or conditions are never the source of our discords.

6.. The Infinite Invisible is the only healing agency in the world. It dispels the illusion of sense, and that is all that is necessary.

7. The Consciousness of the individual is the Law unto every condition.

8. There is no truth about a physical body because it is only a concept.

9. Our inner world is the substance; the outer world is the form that that substance takes. Therefore, when consciousness is filled with the Spirit, then the outer form or human picture begins to take on spiritual, harmonious form.

Thoughts for contemplation on ‘Meditation and Prayer’ by Joel S. Goldsmith (1947, DeVorss)


• As we learn to listen to the ‘still small voice’ our Consciousness opens to the immediate awareness of spiritual good.

• Gain a conviction of your oneness with the universal Mind.

• Whenever you leave one place to go to another place, pause for a second to realize that the Presence has gone before you to prepare the way, and that the same divine Presence remains behind you as a benediction to all who pass that way.


• That which I am seeking, I am.

• Whatever it is of good that I have believed to be separate from me is, in fact, a constituted part of my being.

• That which appears to us as error is a false sense of Reality.

• The individual Soul and the universal Soul are not two, but one. The conscious awareness of this truth constitutes the union or oneness which is true prayer.

Thoughts for contemplation on ‘Protection’ by Joel S. Goldsmith (From The 1955 Letters)

From The 1955 Letters

• In the All-presence of Good, there is no power and no presence from which we need protection.

• We have accepted the belief that someone or something, outside of our own being, can be a presence or power for evil in our experience.

•  No power acts upon us from without or own being.

• Nothing exists that is of a destructive nature in the One and Only Life.

• Spiritual practice is a  constant, conscious realization of Omnipresence.

• You do not live by effect alone but by every Word of Truth that has been embodied in your consciousness.

• Every thought of evil you have ever directed toward another has been directed toward your own self, and therefore the punishment is inflicted upon you by you.

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