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WELCOME to our Noticeboard!

Here you will find a selection of paintings, poems, articles and writing that inspire and have spiritually inspired others. We hope you will enjoy what has been shared. Please follow the links to connect with the artists and authors.

If you would like to contribute your own work, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via email or our Contact Form.

Gary Hogan


Susan Eglinton


Laurie Parker


Karen Jean Tanner

Spiritual & Psychic Wisdom

Chirag Saiya

Spiritual Wisdom

Banani Das Dhar

Spiritual Dance & Empowering Entrepreneurs

Cat Hamilton

Spiritual Photography

Arun VM

Founder of Eduladder and Arunsyoga

Mary Noack



Spiritual Readings and Guidance

BirthChartRead offers excellent, affordable guidance using astrology, numerology, palmistry and tarot. IG: @birthchartread. $33 – 1 hour. Also contact for regular offers:

David Margo

Divorce Consultancy

Recommending David Margo’s UK based Divorce Consultancy for their compassionate and holistic approach:

“For anyone contemplating divorce, contact Divorce Solutions who are a Divorce Consultancy. There are 5 of them, all lawyers but acting as consultants to stop people wasting their money and making expensive mistakes, which it is so easy to do when you don’t know the in’s and out’s of the divorce world. They also review cases where solicitors are already involved and can suggest alternative processes which are cheaper and quicker than the conventional divorce routes. Their aim is to lower the temperature and resolve matters in the best possible way”.

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